Ludobites 3.0 – Remixed

December 14, 2009

I told you Chef Ludo would be mixing things up during this engagement. The second week of Ludobites took eaters from an a la carte to prix fixe menu, due mostly to extenuating circumstances, that being the case of the missing sous chef.

There are advantages to a prix fixe menu. People who know me (and have gone to Ludobites with me) know that I like working through the whole Ludobites menu, even if it’s only two people (Thanks Hanh). And why wouldn’t you? There is a lot to explore. The problem is that it’s sometimes hard to figure out the order in which you should try the dishes. Even with the best laid plans, it can be thrown off if the waitress doesn’t input your dishes in the correct order, which to no fault of the Royal/T staff, will happen. So really, the best way to address this would be to have Chef Ludo control the experience. The prix fixe menu makes this easy: sit down, shut up, and eat. I can live with that.

Since my dinner date doesn’t imbibe in alcohol, I thought it would be better to go with a beer rather than Domaine LA’s awesome winelist.

Amuse Bouche – Monterey squid, chorizo oil, kimchi puree, red onion

The squid returns from week one, in bite size form.

Tuna sashimi, sushi rice ice cream, soy sauce-yuzu gelee, smoked ginger

I felt pretty lucky because the prix fix menu consisted of all new dishes. And yes, you read that right, I had sushi rice ice cream. Chef Ludo’s at it again.

Caramelized cod, citrus powder, celery roots and mustard

Funny story about this cod. My dinner date doesn’t eat cooked fish. Sushi and sashimi yes, cooked fish…nope. And not for the twenty plus years I’ve known her. Well, Chef Ludo broke her. She tried the cod and loved it. Will she eat cooked fish elsewhere? We’ll have to see.

Fried chicken, grilled baby corn, brussel sprouts, bacon and mole

This is my take on Chef Ludo’s fried chicken. Forget the pop up thing, screw the permanent restaurant idea. Stick Chef Ludo in a food truck and get him to serve this fried chicken four to five nights a week. This will work. People will eat it up. It must be all the KFC “research” he and @frenchchefwife do on their off time. All I know is, I want a six piece order with a side of red beans and rice. Is that too much to ask for?

We had two options for dessert, so we went with one of each:

Chocolate mousse, lichis and sesame paste

A remixed version of the chocolate cake from week one.

Fourme d’ ambert tourte, red pear and honey-balsamic

No remix here, Chef Ludo sticks with the original.

What will week three bring? Who knows? For you folks with reservations, it looks like the a la carte menu is back, so plan accordingly, enjoy and have fun!


2 Responses to “Ludobites 3.0 – Remixed”

  1. mylastbite Says:

    That chicken was RIDICULOUS! So good… everything else too.

    But I just love how the simple things surprise me the most.

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