Antidote for a cloudy day

October 8, 2009

My trip to San Francisco has thus far been filled with sunny skies and relatively warm weather. That is, until I woke this morning to dark skies and ominous clouds in the horizon. Definitely NOT the way I wanted to spend my day before heading up to French Laundry. I quickly fixed this problem when my friend took me to Specialty’s Cafe and Bakery for cookies. The milk chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies were so fresh and warm that the chocolate chips (chunks would be more appropriate) were still melting as you bit into them. How could these cookies NOT cheer you up and get you excited (via sugar high) for French Laundry?

Specialty’s Cafe & Bakery

(with locations in the Bay Area, Seattle, Bellevue, and Chicago)


One Response to “Antidote for a cloudy day”

  1. Booger Says:

    oooo i’ve been to the one in bellevue before! how random.

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